The purpose of MME is to foster and encourage the personal and professional development of
its members in order that they may better serve their communities and to promote,
encourage, and preserve high ethical standards for municipal executives.



2017 Winter Institute

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2018 Winter Institute

Jan. 30 - Feb. 2
Ann Arbor Sheraton
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MME President Update

It is over 90 degrees in Holland as I write this article, and it makes me thankful that I have a pool in my backyard. But sometimes I'm prone to complain about all the extra work caused by the wind. Funny how the wind can change things, including our perspective. The winds of change are hitting our profession ... Read More

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We help create places people want to live by leading a team of professionals who are committed to improving our everyday lives. We tackle the unpredictable and we do it for our communities. I am a Municipal Executive. And I am ready for anything.

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Reflections on Muskegon

By Christian Wuerth The Summer Workshop in Muskegon represented the second MME professional development event to fall under the jurisdiction of the Professional Development Committee. With … Read More