Strengthening the Quality of Local Governance through Professional Management

The purpose of MME is to foster and encourage the personal and professional development of its members in order that they may better serve their communities and to promote, encourage, and preserve high ethical standards for municipal administrators.

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Board & Committees - The Board of Directors is made up of 16 members. Directors are selected for three-year terms, with four Directors elected each year at the Annual Membership meeting. There are 5 overarching committees made up of MME members, with a chair and vice-chair.  These committees meet throughout the year to discuss, plan, and offer recommendations to the Board of Directors on a variety of issues and potential actions.

Board of Directors - The Board of Directors is made up of fifteen corporate members that include the President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, and twelve directors elected by the MME membership at its annual business meeting at the Winter Institute. The directors are elected for three-year terms, four in the even years, and four in the odd years. All officers and directors shall be voting members of the Association, except the secretary-treasurer. Additionally, the ICMA Midwest Vice President designated as the State Liaison Officer and the State Liaison Officer from the ICMA are designated as ex-officio non voting members of the Board of Directors. To contact the Board of Directors, send an email to the President at or the Secretary/Treasurer at

Council-Manager Plan - It’s a system of local government that combines the strong political leadership of elected officials (the governing body) with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager.

MME Constitution