Please browse through the profiles of local government managers who have been featured on the Michigan Municipal Executives website.


Frank Peterson

City Manager, Muskegon

Frank Peterson has been the city manager of Muskegon since 2013. This role provides him with an opportunity to work and volunteer in pursuit of the community goals that he holds in such high regard: improved quality of life, strong community leadership, and urban prosperity … Read more.

Christine Burns

Village Manager, Spring Lake

Christine Burns has more than 26 years of experience as a municipal official. She has been the village manager of Spring Lake since 2012 after serving the City of Cedar Springs for more than five years and the Village of Oxford for two years ,,, Read more.


Adam Smith

City Administrator, Grand Ledge

Adam Smith currently serves as the city administrator of Grand Ledge.  Since 2004, he has had the opportunity to work in village, city, and county government … Read more.

Victor Cardenas

Assistant City Manager, Novi

Victor Cardenas joined the City of Novi as assistant city manager in October 2010. He assists the city manager in developing program strategies to achieve City Council goals and improve the quality of life in Novi… Read more.


Ken Hibl

City Manager, Clare

Ken Hibl has served as the city manager of Clare for the past 19 years. Prior to this appointment, he served in the U.S. Armed Forces for 31 years in leadership positions … Read more.


Katrina Powell

City Manager, Hamtramck

Katrina Powell was appointed as city manager in November 2014 by an Emergency Manager, on behalf of Michigan’s Department of Treasury, to oversee the financial rebuilding of the City of Hamtramck. Read more.


John Shay

City Manager, Ludington

John Shay was elected to the board of the Michigan Local Government Management Association in 2015. He is no stranger to local government, having served in the profession for almost 20 years. Read more.


Daryl Delabbio

County Administrator/Controller, Kent County

Daryl Delabbio has served the citizens of Michigan in a variety of capacities for almost four decades. Starting with positions in small cities, he has worked his way up to the top job in one of the state’s largest counties. Read more.


Michael Young

City Manager, Rockford

Michael Young assumed the role of Rockford’s city manager in 1995, and has spent the last 20 years cultivating his own managerial skills as well as the assets of this city of just under 6,000 residents in Kent County. Read more.


Kathie Grinzinger

Lead Executive Recruiter, Michigan Municipal League

Retired from Mt. Pleasant, Kathie Grinzinger has held almost every local government management post there is — including a year as MLGMA’s president. She now leads the Michigan Municipal League’s Executive Search Service. Read more.