The Board of Directors is made up of 16 members. Directors are selected for three-year terms, with four Directors elected each year at the Annual Membership meeting.

There are 5 overarching committees made up of MME members, with a chair and vice-chair.  These committees meet throughout the year to discuss, plan, and offer recommendations to the Board of Directors on a variety of issues and potential actions.

Advocacy Committee – This dimensional committee is charged with supporting and defending the council-manager plan and promoting accomplishments of the membership through the Community Education, Recruitment, Managers in Transition and Policy Committees, in accordance with the MME 2012 Strategic Plan.

Boards & CommitteesEthics Committee – To serve as a state review agency for ICMA to address charges against members regarding breach of the ethical code. In addition, it should look to program development to strengthen the members’ knowledge of acceptable conduct under our code of ethics.

Experience Committee – This Dimensional Committee is charged with ensuring that the experience of the membership is profiled and shared, and is recognized through the Awards Committee, in accordance with the 2012 Strategic Plan.

NextGen – To provide networking and professional development opportunities for early to mid-career local government professionals and those new to the profession.

Professional Development – To evaluate and meet the professional development needs of MME members through effective and pertinent programming and financial assistance.

Past President’s Committee – The Past President’s Committee will serve as a resource to the MME Board of Directors and Association for high level issues that come up during the year as assigned by the Board.  Each year, this Committee will be chaired by the Immediate Past President.

Regional Groups – Twelve regional groups around the state hold meetings/luncheons to provide important face-to-face networking opportunities and information on pertinent topics.